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Scooterist Meltdown 2023

Welcome to our NEW Scooterist Meltdown website!

Friends, after being forced to postpone the event for two years we are pleased to finally welcome you again.

New date: 02.-05. February 2023


The Big Restart

It has to be said that the survival of this event was anything but safe. The pandemic sealed the death of many events and venues, and it was sheer unpredictable how we would come out at the other end.


BUT here we are, the Wunderland has survived, and we were able to keep the traditional date on the first weekend in February. Fate showed mercy for the Scooterist Meltdown.  

Needless to say, we cannot simply carry on from the year 2020. The past couple of years have brought many fundamental changes that require a complete replanning.

Bookings & Rates 2023

Rates: Substantial increases in cost (e.g., for energy or wages in German hospitality sector) translate into higher ticket prices. However, we are happy to say that the increase (compared to the last 2021 rates) of only 10 Euros per night stayed fairly reasonable.

Bookings: There are only a couple of larger sized rooms left (rooms for 4 to 6 people). So if you would like to come, best check if there are friends who would like to share. Alternatively existing bookings can be altered to fit more people in, i.e. swap a double room for a larger sized room.

Fortunately, it is now possible to book online – simply click on the link. For booking alterations please contact the booking department.

Covid regulations - Update 03. January 2023:

The Wunderland confirmed that, currently, YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING to enter their premises. They think it is likely it will stay this way, i.e., you do not need any testing or any proof of vaccination/recovery.

Day & evening tickets 2023

Day tickets and day & night tickets (Sat., 04. Feb. 2023)

Day tickets as well as a day & night tickets including the Nighter are available for the Custom & Trade Show on Saturday (12 - 18 hrs). Check the booking page for details.

Book your tickets online via this link!

Niter/evening tickets (Friday / Saturday, 8 p.m. - 3 a.m.):

Niter tickets are available at the box office.  A deposit will be charged too, which will be refunded when you leave the Niter.


You can find more information on the booking page.

Covid regulation: See above

Age restriction: from 18 years!

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The ninth episode of this scooterist weekender in the surreal setting of a former nuclear power plant has more to offer than ever.


Naturally, we will keep the event as you know it.


The replanning concerns organisational aspects happening in the background, so for you everything will stay the same.

To get a little taste have a look at the Gallery or at our collection of videos of the past events on YouTube. Enjoy!

Our plea

The whole Spirit of 84 crew would love to celebrate the 9th edition of the Meltdown together with you.


After two years of slumber that changed the world and many of our lives let’s revive the spirits (of 23) and claim the good things back!

We will keep you posted – please watch this space!      



Marcus & Mareike

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